Top 10 Courier Tracking Number Format

The Courier tracking number is a standard format for tracking numbers to identify the type of courier, shipping method, and other information.

The Courier tracking number format contains various types of digits and letters, which can be divided into four parts:

  • Courier name
  • Shipment type
  • Order shipping method
  • The number itself

How to Track the Top 10 Courier Tracking Number Format?

The tracking number format is a combination of letters and numbers that you need to enter in order to find the courier. The tracking number format is different for each courier, but it’s usually 16 or 22 digits long.

How can you use the tracking number format? It’s simple! Just put all of your information into this form:

Courier Tracking Number Format + Courier Name = Tracking Page

Courier Tracking Number Format

UPS Tracking Number Format

The UPS tracking number has a format of 18 characters, which includes the country code. The first two digits are used to represent the country code and must be 9999. Then, there are 16 digits in length that follow this digit and make up your unique identifier for shipments made by an individual carrier or vendor using your account number (i.e., 9999 999-9999).

  • Logistics Company: UPS
  • Based in: the United States
  • World’s largest package delivery company, offering services for residential and commercial customers. Delivers parcels, documents, and freight.

DHL Express Tracking Numbers Format

The logistics company DHL Express uses a tracking number format that is 16 characters long and has the following format: 9999 9999 99XX. The first 11 digits are fixed and identify the origin country, while the last five digits are dynamic and change every time there’s an update on your shipment.

The format of the tracking number for DHL Express is:


FedEx Tracking Number Format

FedEx is a logistics company. It has a tracking number format of 12 characters (letters and numbers). For example, “9610 1385 2330” or “9610 1385 0289”.

Logistics company: FedEx

Track number format must be 12 characters (letters and numbers), for examples, “9610 1385 2330”, “9610 1385 0289”.

Courier Tracking Number Format

USPS Tracking Number Format

The USPS tracking number format must be 22 digits, such as 9505 5227 5736 0000 0000 00. You can also enter a label number shown as LN 123456789 US or CP 123456789 US.

USPS is a logistics company that deals with postal services in the United States. It was created by an Act of Congress on September 30, 1971, to replace the former U.S. Post Office Department in 1971, which existed from 1914 to 1970 as an independent agency within the executive branch and later as part of the Department of Transportation under President Richard Nixon’s Reorganization Plan No. 1 (1971).

China Post Tracking Number Format

China Post is a logistics company that is responsible for the delivery of goods to and from China. It has branches all over the world, including some countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America. The format of the tracking number may differ depending on where you are sending your package from or destined for.

A China Post EMS tracking number (shipment ID) has 13 characters. It starts with the letter “E” for Express Mail and ends with “CN” or “CS” with 9 digits in between. For packet/EUB, the tracking number starts with “LK”. For China International Express, it begins with “CT”.)


The above is a summary of the main tracking number formats used by some of the freight forwarders. The format of your tracking number will depend on which company you choose to use for shipping. For example, UPS uses an 11-digit format and DHL Express uses an 8-character format.

If you receive an international package from China Post, you should find out what type of label was used by looking at the packaging material or reading the label attached to it.

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