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Ninja Van Indonesia is one of the most reputable courier companies with a vast network of delivery services in Southeast Asia. The company provides various shipping solutions for both personal as well as corporate customers. It provides real-time tracking features to help customers track their shipment status and plan for delivery. Here is a detailed article on how to track your Ninja Van Indonesia package:

Step 1: Retrieve the Tracking Number

The first step in tracking your Ninja Van package is to retrieve the tracking number. This unique identifier is a combination of letters and numbers that allows you to trace the status of your shipment.

If you are a sender of the package, you should have received the tracking number upon booking the shipment. On the other hand, if you are the receiver, you should ask the sender to provide the tracking number.

Step 2: Visit Ninja Van Indonesia’s Website

Once you have the tracking number, the next step is to visit the official website of Ninja Van Indonesia at You will be directed to the homepage, where you will find a tab labeled “Track Your Shipment,” located at the top right corner of the page.

Step 3: Enter the Tracking Number

Next, you need to enter the tracking number in the field provided and click on the search button. Within seconds, the system will generate the current status of your shipment.

Step 4: Review the Shipment Information

Upon entering the tracking number, the website will generate a page with all the details of your shipment. This may include the details of the sender and receiver, the delivery date, the pickup location, and other information related to the status of the shipment.

Step 5: Monitor the Shipment Status

Once you have reviewed the shipment information, you can now monitor the status of your shipment. Ninja Van Indonesia’s tracking system provides real-time updates on the location, delivery time, and delivery status of your package.

If you want to receive automatic updates on your shipment status via email or text messages, you can create an account on the Ninja Van Indonesia website and select the notification options.

In conclusion, tracking your Ninja Van Indonesia package is a simple process that involves retrieving the tracking number, visiting the website, entering the tracking number, reviewing the shipment information, and monitoring the shipment status. With the real-time tracking features offered by Ninja Van Indonesia, you can stay updated on the status of your shipment and plan for delivery accordingly.

Ninja Van Indonesia Tracking Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How to track Ninja Van Indonesia, order and package online status?

Just enter your Ninja Van Indonesia tracking number reference here

How to contact Ninja Van Indonesia customer services?

  • Ninja Van Indonesia Phone Number : 085574670049
  • Ninja Van Indonesia Website :
  • Ninja Van Indonesia Email :

What is the Ninja Van Indonesia tracking number format?

Ninja Van Indonesia Tracking Format Number is XXXXXXXXXXXX

In which countries is Ninja Van Indonesia available?

Ninja Van Indonesia is available in

What is an official website of Ninja Van Indonesia?

Ninja Van Indonesia's Official website is

What is a customer care contact phone number of Ninja Van Indonesia?

Ninja Van Indonesia's contact phone number is 085574670049

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