How To Know That The Tracking Number Is Valid

Tracking information is provided by the carrier and updates as your package moves through its journey. You can track your order using the tracking number assigned to it by Postmaster.

Using the tracking number with Postmaster.

  • Using the tracking number with Postmaster
  • To track your package, you need to use the tracking number provided by the carrier. You can find it on their website or in the confirmation email that they sent you when they shipped your order.
  • Using the tracking number on their website: If you want to be sure that your package has been delivered successfully and that everything is okay with it, then check whether there is a “Delivered” status for each shipment before checking its location in Postmaster (if applicable). For example, if an order was sent from New York City but actually got delivered somewhere else – let’s say, Los Angeles – then all deliveries will show up under “Delivered” instead of showing where they were actually sent from/to! This way we know exactly how far away from us our orders are located at any given moment – which will help us decide whether or not someone needs assistance getting these packages back home safely!

Tracking numbers are automatically generated by the carrier.

Tracking numbers are automatically generated by the carrier. They are assigned to a package before it leaves our facility and will not display until later in the day, so you may not know that your tracking information has been updated until later in the day.

The first thing to remember is that tracking numbers aren’t always available when an order is shipped, which makes it difficult for customers to track their orders if they’re sent via postal service or UPS.”

Tracking numbers are assigned to a package before it leaves our facility. However, tracking information for these packages will not display until later in the day. Tracking numbers are not visible until after your order is processed, and the package has been picked up by the shipping company (or you have received an email that indicates that your order has been picked up).

In some cases, this can take 3-5 days or even longer depending on how far away from the fulfillment center your shipment was sent from. If you see something like “The tracking number is invalid” when trying to track something down or check its status online, then this means that there’s no way right now for us to tell you where exactly things are located in terms of time zone differences since they’re being moved around constantly during transit between different locations along their journey through various parts of America before arriving at its destination—which may be quite far away!

Why does my package show no tracking events?

If your tracking number never shows any events, this may mean that the package is still in transit. The carrier will have to scan the package and confirm its existence before proceeding with delivery.

If you’ve received a notification from USPS stating that your package has arrived at its destination but there are no tracking numbers associated with it, this could indicate that:

  • The carrier has scanned your shipment but hasn’t yet confirmed its existence or destination;
  • You haven’t provided correct information about where they can expect to find their shipment; or
  • There was an error in uploading data into our system and now we need more time (and hence another update) before we can verify whether or not everything went well during transit.
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My order has been shipped but I don’t have a tracking number.

If your order has been shipped but you don’t have a tracking number, that’s because it’s automatically generated by the carrier and assigned to your package before it leaves our facility. Tracking information for these packages will not display until later in the day.

If you’re worried about missing an important shipment or gift delivery date, consider placing additional orders with us today!

Tracking Number

Why Track your Package with a Tracking Number from Postmaster?

Tracking your package with a Tracking Number from Postmaster is one of the most reliable ways to find out when your package will arrive.

A tracking number is a unique identifier for each shipment, so it’s the most important information about your package. If you don’t have one on file, there’s no way for us to know where it is or how far along it has traveled. Without that information, we can’t help you track down your shipment or get in touch with its carrier if something goes wrong along the way. That’s why tracking is so important to us!

The best part? When you use our services and purchase an International Express service through USPS international parcel shipping options like First Class Package International Service (FCPS), Registered Airmail International Service (RAIS), First Class Mail International Service (FCMIS), and more—we’ll give all customers free access to Track My PackageTM which allows customers 24/7 access through any mobile device including smartphones tablets computers laptops etcetera!


Tracking numbers are an important part of the shipping process. The tracking number is usually sent to you by email or SMS message, but keep in mind that it may not be active until later in the day. Check back on our website for more information about your package’s status and any updates regarding its delivery date.

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