What are the common courier tracking status types used by courier companies?

Couriers are responsible for moving parcels and packages from one place to another. They use a variety of different transport methods, from airplanes and trains to boats and trucks. It’s the courier company’s job to make sure that these deliveries reach their destination safely and on time. If a package is delayed or goes missing, then this could have serious consequences for your business or personal life. The best way for couriers to keep track of their shipments is through tracking systems that use courier tracking status types so customers can see where their delivery is at any given time.

Understanding your courier status

  • A tracking code is a unique identifier that can be used to track your parcel. It’s usually comprised of numbers and letters, with spaces interspersed between them. For example 8N65T6T1WT6ZH0
  • Trackers are useful because they tell you where your package is right now—and whether it’s been delayed or lost along the way. Companies use different codes to indicate these states of being, so understanding what each one means is key to determining if you need to take action on your shipment.
  • When it comes to courier status codes, there are two main types: “DELIVERY” and “DELIVERY ACHIEVED” (or DD). The first refers only until delivery has been completed; the latter indicates that receipt has been confirmed by both parties (the company delivering your package and yourself)
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Booked: This is a common courier tracking status that you’ll see on your package once it’s been accepted by the courier company. Once your shipment has been booked, it may take anywhere from one day to several weeks to arrive at its final destination.

This status means that your package has not yet been picked up by the delivery service, but when this happens, you can expect to see a “Booked” status replaced with another type of tracking information such as “Dispatched” or “Delivered.”

Shipment Ready to Move

As soon as your shipment reaches the courier’s warehouse, it is ready to be moved. This means that your package has been received and processed by the courier company.

When you see this status on your tracking page, it means that your shipment is ready for pickup by their fleet of vehicles. This step of the process does not necessarily mean that your package has actually been picked up yet; it simply means that their system is ready for them to begin moving shipments from their facility or warehouse into other areas within their network, like delivery trucks or airplanes (for international shipments).



Your parcel has been collected from the courier depot and is on its way to the destination. This is the first status you will see on your tracking. If you are looking for an update on how long it’s going to take for your parcel to arrive, this is where you get this information. You can use this status type as a gauge of how long it will take before your parcel arrives, but keep in mind that there may be delays if there have been bad weather or traffic problems along the way.

In Transit

In Transit: The courier is in transit. The courier should arrive at the destination within the time frame specified by the company. If you have not received your package after this time, contact us and we will help resolve any issues that may have arisen during shipping.

courier tracking status types

Shipment Delivered

  • Shipment Delivered

Once the item has been delivered to the customer, the courier company will update its tracking system to indicate that the item has been delivered. This usually takes place in two stages: 1) The courier driver confirms that he or she has dropped off your package at its destination and 2) You receive confirmation from your local post office that your package was accepted by them.

  • Delivery Confirmation Number (DCN)

This is a unique number given to you via email once a package has been successfully delivered. Sometimes this can take up to 48 hours after delivery took place so if you don’t get one right away, don’t worry! Just check back later and make sure everything went smoothly before calling customer service or speaking with someone who might be able to help you out further than what we’ve listed here because chances are good they won’t be able to tell you much about why there hasn’t been any update yet since most companies won’t keep track of all transactions made online in order protect private information such as credit card details etc…

Delivered but customer not available & out for delivery again

  • Delivered but customer not available & out for delivery again

This status means that the courier has successfully delivered your package, but the recipient was not available to accept it. The courier will try again later or tomorrow.

POD (Proof of Delivery) Received by the consignee

The POD (proof of delivery) received by the consignee is a courier tracking status that means the courier has been delivered to the consignee. The consignee is the receiver of your parcel. A POD can either be signed or unsigned depending on whether you have provided an online signature via your tracking account, or if it was not required for some reason.

A signed POD usually contains information about who signed for the package, at what time, and where it was delivered to. If this has happened, then your parcel is fully registered and no further action needs to be taken from here on out; otherwise, there will just be an unsigned POD which means they couldn’t get in touch with anyone at all and will need further assistance from you directly before they can complete their job successfully

Returned by consignee

  • Returned by consignee

This means the consignee has refused the delivery, either because they are not at home to receive it, or they have refused to accept the delivery.

  • The courier will leave a card with a contact number on it and you can contact them to arrange an alternative delivery date.

Returned to origin after unsuccessful delivery attempts

If your delivery is returned to the origin point, it might be because of a number of reasons:

  • The address you provided was incorrect or incomplete.
  • The recipient wasn’t there when the courier tried to deliver your package.

If you receive a delivery notice like this, first check if the address is correct. If it is, contact the recipient and ask them to confirm their current address with you (if they’re not already doing so). If they don’t have an updated address, ask them to contact their post office or local depot directly so that they can update their details and re-route the mail accordingly.


If you’re using a courier to send packages, it’s important that you understand the various tracking statuses. Not all couriers will have the same type of tracking system, so be sure to check with your chosen provider before placing an order so that you know what to expect when it comes time for delivery.

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